Mission Statement.

It is the mission of Design Infini to correctly and effectively integrate the efforts of design, manufacturing, and branding for the automotive Industry through the doors of Innovation, Global Integration, and Integrity. Built upon a team whose passions are combined for greatness, unafraid of initiation, Design Infini confidently stands at the leading edge of the industry.


Our roots date back to the American muscle car era as one of the creative pioneers of the aftermarket wheel Industry. Established in mid-1990, Design Infini was built upon the highest ethical standard to empower the creative minds of the Industry. From this groundwork of Integrity and Innovation, Design Infini was organically grown through utilizing the strengths of individuals from across the globe. The heart of DI is in its commitment to Innovation, Global Integration, and Integrity. This foundation commissions its team members to perform with excellence in the thrice texture of designing, manufacturing, and branding. DI stands out amongst the best as a leader in the wheel industry through the combination of three angles.


Our unique position within the wheel industry gives DI an unmatched perspective on current trends and artistic direction. Because we transcend every stage of production from infant design concepts to branding finished products, DI is able to visualize and create with a level of insight that no other company can match. Our designs are innovative, progressive and represent the very best that wheel industry has to offer.


Our manufacturing strength lies within our unified understanding of design and engineering. The inception of each design it is not only aesthetically innovative but realistic and producible. DI’s expansive global partnerships and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to manage not only design processes but manufacturing operations as well. Our operations are built for efficiency and speed, and our flexible structure allows us to tackle even the most demanding and time sensitive projects.


Design Infini has a vision that is complete. Because we are able to observe and facilitate a brand’s growth from infancy to maturity, DI has a one of a kind sense of the core truths and virtues of each brand -- the driving forces behind a successful marketing campaign. The level of personal connection and intuition that DI has with each of our brands gives us an advantage that is unmistakable and unattainable by our competitors. These factors have been the cause for recognition and respect of our brands across the nation.


FOUNDER/CEO of Design Infini

Established 1995.

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