Leah Pritchett & Don Shoemaker Racing

Center Line Wheels announced a new partnership with Leah Pritchett and Don Schumacher Racing for the 2018 NHRA season. Center Line will be supporting Leah’s Top Fuel Dragster as she races for the championship.

This new partnership exists because DSR and Leah Pritchett represent the best in motorsports. Strength, determination and integrity are at their core. Together with Center Line, they will inspire future generations to strive for greatness.

“We’re very excited to be working with DSR and Leah Pritchett. They are a perfect match for the Center Line brand.” said owner, Suny Chung.


For over 40 years, hot rodders, off roaders, racers and motorheads have looked to Center Line for purpose built forged wheels. The innovative minds of automotive enthusiasts were constantly pushing the limits of technology in their quest for faster speeds on and off road. Center Line was there along the way with the wheels needed to get the win and turn heads.

Today Center Line is charging forward with new products that will pay tribute to the brands heritage and set the standard for future generations. The product line will be expanding into the light truck/off-road and late model muscle car categories with a rich new line-up. In addition, a select offering of classic styles for traditional hot rods and classic muscle cars will be re-introduced for the core base of enthusiasts.

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