Stinger GT

KEENDESIGN’s very own Kia Stinger GT was declared a “potent pavement punisher with some serious style” – a sentiment that we humbly acknowledge. The KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT, which debuted at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, turned heads with its lightweight, bronze finished KEENDESIGN KD07 wheels, specifically engineered to improve everything from track athleticism and acceleration to everyday fuel economy in Korean Domestic Market (KDM) vehicles.


Though an impressive performance sedan from factory, this KEENDESIGN Stinger GT had its natural, factory performance capabilities further enhanced with a plethora of aftermarket modifications, including a Concept 3 air intake system, Jun B.L racing exhaust, and Byetronik tuning chip system, awakening the rear-wheel drive KDM monster and pushing the sedan to over 400 horsepower on stock internals, a 35 horsepower increase from stock. With its aggressive stance, carbon fiber accents, and impeccable fitment with KEENDESIGN KD07 wheels, this Kia Stinger GT’s track oriented-visage is perfectly coupled with its performance capabilities.

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